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Here you can find a selection of Frequently Asked Questions. Wondering something and don’t see it here? Contact us today to get your questions answered!

Yes, a physical exam is often needed in order to properly diagnose and treat your issues. We have a doctor on-site, however, that can help examine your condition and make sure you are getting what you need.

Our services provide several kinds of treatment. We offer both body and facial treatments, such as our weight management, or our fillers. We also have IV services, which involve you being drip-fed nutrients, fluids, and vitamins.

Only doctors should inject toxins. This is because it is qualified as a medical procedure. While our team is great and qualified, only our doctor has the training and resources for this treatment.

Our treatments target several areas in and on the body. Our IV drips will work on your internal organs, such as your liver, while our body treatments target weight as well as hormone production. Facial treatments work on wrinkles and make your face look fuller and beautiful. 

Be sure to come early in order to fill out the paperwork and get everything situated. Make sure you are ready to talk about your concerns and any questions you may have.